Today’s Glimpse of Glory – What’s it All About ?

What is that all about ? 

A blog of my Spirit walk with An occasional insight into my little world of thought, and a few points to ponder.  Food for thought, if you will.
(Prayers, meditations,  Reasonings, and live while walking in the Spirit that is Christ). 
Warning: This blog will contain Judeo/Christian Bible References as well as wisdom from many other Sages, Teachers, Religions, and esoteric sources  . . . do not be afraid . . . Be of Good Courage and Always Remember:  ♥ Perfect Love Cast Out All Fear ♥  

Then again, I may be losing my  . . .nah,  I’ll let you decide on that 🙂 ~ lil’ gini.



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lil' gini

Hi it's Me, I am 50 ish and I'm just beginning my journey with journaling. This blog will essentially a starting point to journal my journey here on this side of eternity. When I figure out how to configure this thingy called a blog, which really, I have a very vague definition of circling in my brain. My journaling for my autobiography from this new beginning forward will have begun :) Till then, please stick around. Any and all feedback along with helpful tips, tricks and advice are welcome. Hey! It's a start!!! Yeah? Never, never, never give up!