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Thanks to our lovely sister site, Happy Black Woman, we are able to walk boldly into the day, releasing all that weighs heavy. Affirmations are positive statements that paint a mental picture of how you want your life to be. They can be applied to any life situation where you’re struggling: relationships, finances, career, health, purpose… […]

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lil' gini

Hi it's Me, I am 50 ish and I'm just beginning my journey with journaling. This blog will essentially a starting point to journal my journey here on this side of eternity. When I figure out how to configure this thingy called a blog, which really, I have a very vague definition of circling in my brain. My journaling for my autobiography from this new beginning forward will have begun :) Till then, please stick around. Any and all feedback along with helpful tips, tricks and advice are welcome. Hey! It's a start!!! Yeah? Never, never, never give up!