† Religion is Dead † to Me

WHAT ? ? ?
. . . My God, My God why have you forsaken me? . . .


What’s today?

I’ve been so wrapped up in learning and growing and waiting that sometimes I forget what day it is.   I believe it is a glorious thing to lose track of time.  I’m planning on doing it more and more often.   Don’t you just love to lose yourself in, well,  the beautiful thing is you get to fill in that blank for yourself, and when you do, life will be a joy, more often than it is not. A never ending exciting adventure that will continue to improve.


What do you love to do the most ? I finally found out that I love to contemplate and share. Therefore, I’ve chosen to start this blog on purpose.

I can’t tell you anything you don’t already know and vice verse.
Let’s agree, or agree to disagree without killing each other, shall we?  We choose what to believe and how we will live.  That being stated, if you are interested, I will share my knowledge and experience as best I can, for this is my calling. I am impelled to share.

I believe we could be living in heaven on earth and yet, instead of loving we judge and attempt to rule thereby playing God.   This is what the Bible call the fall of man.

God, we lust, fight, kill, condemn all while arguing over who is God. What a foolish waste of Time!  when all the while, not realizing we were created to create with God and to be in atonement. Ye are gods, God is within each and every one of us.  This realization is beyond beautiful, indescribable, joy unspeakable and full of GLORY !

I am doing my very best to find all my life, all my worth from CHRIST in me, the hope of glory.  Christ is the infinite creative power within.


38e66955043361-560965f0749c2GOD IS SPIRIT – GOD IS ONE – I AM – SINGULAR –

The energy that makes up everything – the power of life and death.  The Spirit is Life, this world is a world of Death.
There is a  very personal force that lives within you.

The answer is within you, the kingdom is within, the truth is within, it’s all within- the lie, the delusion is that your salvation is somewhere out there !  Salvation is within, it’s not in a label, or magic, or money, or gold, it is in Spirit and Reality, in You, in Me, Within.  The world is passing away But whoever does the will of God lives forever.
There is only ONE cause of life.  Let God be true and every Man a LIAR  !!
So simple, and profound is this that to the majority of people can not see it. How many actually take the time to seek out, to ponder, to feed every day on the manna of the word of God ? I have no idea, but I know that the more I do this the more complete I am. I am made whole and have everything I need for life in seeking after the truth that is in me. Not in books, although books can be used to guide us so long as they point to the truth within, which, for me, is Christ in me. When I commune with Christ nothing can hurt me, no, nothing, not by any means. Christ is  The power of God and the wisdom of God



Jesus came to show us that we too can say:  I am in my Father and my Father is in me.
We are ONE, and just like Jesus you can die and rise again. For the Spirit of the living God has been poured out on all flesh.


You rule the world God gives you everlasting life through the SPIRIT. That is you are a KING / QUEEN of your realm – YOUR MIND and BODY are your realm of existence, your spirit is given you by your heavenly Father, your creator. No one will ever have the same experience that you do. No One, you are the only one. The ever expanding God robes himself in flesh (thereby limiting himself), humbling himself and yet with God nothing is impossible.

– BELIEVE – GOD IS ALL IN ALL – The beginning and the end, the first and the last God.
God is in the Universe, the air, the earth, the sea, all that is in them, you and me. God is in you and in me and outside of you and outside of me and yet we can not see God with our eyes, no, we see God through our eyes. There is a big difference. In the depth of our being, we are one with God for the Father is in Jesus,  Jesus is in us, and we are one with the all in all, and yet we are unique, there is no one like you, no one like me. It’s extremely simple and profound, it blows my mind – YES!!  God is Spirit, intangible and yet everything you look at is a reflection of God even our reflection. Whenever I see that new born baby, I’m looking at the face of God!  Have you found the child in you?  If you can not answer that then keep looking, never stop looking until know, and you will know beyond all doubt and no one will be able to talk you out of it, nothing shall by any means hurt you again.

We have an external witness and an internal witness, Hmmmm, two witnesses, interesting, there is something to that for sure.

Why is that so hard for us to accept? God humbled himself, came down into the world, robed in a garment. Flesh and blood is that garment (Jesus=God personified), a precious beautiful garment is your body. God, through Jesus, shows us how. When you real-ize this you will be “born again”, you will be resurrected and begin the ascension, and grow upward from the inside out, leaving behind all the base and evil things, death will never touch you again, you are ever expanding life in Christ,  Lord of Lords.    What great news!!

We get to start fresh every day and we can be true to ourselves while we are learning and moving closer to our purpose for being.

What do you love the most?
The best advice we can give each other is, do what you love. Let everything be done out of love.   You’ve heard it all your life, but, are you listening?
Do what you love and you’ll love what you do. Find your passion.

Let Your Light So Shine !

BIG LOVE lil’ gini


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Hi it's Me, I am 50 ish and I'm just beginning my journey with journaling. This blog will essentially a starting point to journal my journey here on this side of eternity. When I figure out how to configure this thingy called a blog, which really, I have a very vague definition of circling in my brain. My journaling for my autobiography from this new beginning forward will have begun :) Till then, please stick around. Any and all feedback along with helpful tips, tricks and advice are welcome. Hey! It's a start!!! Yeah? Never, never, never give up!