Strange Daze . . .

You’re just a sweet little  zebra grazing in the grass ( doe-eyed), perhaps you’ve bent down and are getting a cool sip of water when  from out of nowhere, suddenly there it is,  a giant tiger  pounces on your back and bite you in the jugular, that’s it you’ve been AMBUSHED! missing-the-herd

A Great Escape – Zebra Escapes Lion

Yeah, that was a close one!



There you are, you thought you’d been guarding your thoughts and just like that BANG! it’s fight or flight time!

What are you going to do ?

Some days are just like that, everything is seemingly perfect, or perfect as they can be, your thankful, happy and smiling and doing your thing, and BAM! some bad news comes along and smacks you right in the jaw, makes you wobble. Maybe you’re a little nauseated, or really stunned.  Immediately every negative scenario starts coming at you like a flood, whoosh, whoosh . . . What are you going to do ?

Here is a small example of how what you think about can make you sick:

It just so happens that this morning was one of “those mornings”. Started at early 4:50am, when I noticed my son had left a message on my cell phone. First thing I think uh, oh, he never does this so early in the morning.

This is gonna be something big.    Is he hurt?

Is his friend calling me on his phone to tell me something happened?

Is he in jail? Did one of his friends get hurt? die? go to jail? Hey, you never know . . .

I’m here in Maine, and he is out in Washington State. My guts began to gurgle and squirm and I got a giant lump just under my larynx.  By the time I dialed my voice mail to listen to what was going on I thought I might vomit. Deep breaths take deep breaths, Gin.

Thankfully, it was one of those problems where it is just best to practice non-interference – PHEW –  Thank You, God !!  Without going into any detail, the kid was pretty shook up (I say kid – he will be 30 this year). But, it turned out, that really, he just needed a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen to help him process what was happening.

I find it extremely interesting that the day before I had emailed him this little clip of advice:

I do not know anything about your relationship with xxxxxx, other than it seems you are very happy together. I’d like to always keep it that way.
That being said, here is some really good advice I read today (of course it goes both ways):

It is well to remember that no two human beings ever lived beneath the same roof without clashes of temperament, periods of hurts, and strain. Never display the unhappy side of your marriage/relationship to your friends, or anyone else.

Keep your quarrels to yourself (which he did a very good job of by the way), unless you are sharing with an objective counselor (one of which I am not ? ).  Refrain from criticism and condemnation of your partner.

NEVER harbor hurts, always forgive one another or that bitterness will take root and break you apart.  Bitterness is like cancer that starts slow but can take over and if you don’t catch it in the beginning it will take over and eat you alive.

You don’t have to be always together, always the same, or even agree, to live in harmony. You can heal any problem through proper application in your own mind, using empathy and forgiveness, by forgetting/letting go of offenses. Always treasure and cultivate those good and lovely qualities that brought you together. May you have a long, beautiful loving relationship. Love you!

I’m so proud to call him my son. Not only is he intelligent, he’s got wisdom beyond his years and heart of gold, and I’m pretty sure he’s in love, genuine, real loyal love.

Grounding, meditation,  deep breathing,  and being thankful, these are just a few things we can do to heal from those scary moments.  I’m told that when you realize who you really are (in Christ) that nothing or no thing will be impossible.  I’m working on that one 🙂

Oh, this made me feel a little better too 🙂
Pooh & Tigger   Pooh logic always helps when you’re a little down.

What helps you to remember? or to escape those devilish attacks of the enemy that take you by surprise?  Please, do share.   Remember – We’re all in this together!

BIG LOVE lil’ gini


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