My Love Your Neighbor List

Before I begin, Two things –
1. Never tell anyone where the secret place of the most high is.
Read Psalm 91

2. When you find the secret place of the most high, tell everyone about it.

Okay ready?  Set? . . 1, 2, 3 GO!

Me & My Imagination:
Love G*D, and Love your neighbor as yourself.
Pretty simple. Doesn’t seem to have any conditions placed on it?        ________________________________
Imagination: If you lived in your neighbor’s shoes what would you be like?
Would you be considerate of, well, your neighbor, as much or even more than yourself?

Would you be Considerate, Kind, Edifying, Merciful, Teachable? Able to teach? Listening, giving your heartfelt warmth, in sincerity (very interesting word, sincerity) ? You know loving and charitable things? Love unconditionally, that old story.


Okay then, go ahead and live however you want, and don’t concern yourself with your brother’s life, not his sex life, his love life, his work life, financial life, his social life, his home life? his wife,  property, status etc. Just treat him like you do yourself and  we can handle this together, you and I.

Me:  Well, Who is my neighbor?  and wait, wait, If there are no conditions, that means no conditions . .  whether or not, right?

Imagination:  Yes, do not regard your neighbor’s status on the money scale, social scale,  or any other scale! I’ll keep the scales balanced, you have to trust in em and then just do the right thing.

Me: You mean rich folks are no better off than poor folks? King or pauper, president or homeless, healthy or ill?

Imagination: No better, we’re on even ground. Everyone has their imagination and the use it whether they realize it or not. Do not envy your neighbor. Do not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor.

Me: Okay so, I think I’ve got it. Treat your neighbor with dignity, honor, respect, patience, kindness, reverence, etc. and allow them the same freedoms etc. etc.. whether or not.
Imagination: YES  That’s it you’ve got it.

Me: Whether or not s/he is a Drug Addict?
Imagination: YES

Me:Whether or not s/he is a whore or a prostitute?
What if they just annoy the bejeebees out of me? or
they gossip, still doesn’t matter?

Imagination: Yes, and yes to infinity and beyond! Let the wheat and the tares grow together. That’s been covered and we are all set.

Me:   Whether or not s/he is rich  or poor, weak or strong, angry or sad, bitchy or witchy, blind, deaf, mute, peg-legged, leprous, has skin tags, a big fat belly or a flat belly, a hump on her back any number of physical defects or flaws?

Me:  Whether or not s/he has stretch marks or perfectly baby smooth skin?
Whether or not s/he is Yellow or brown, or black or white or red?
Whether s/he is ailing, failing, starving, or in perfect health?
Whether or not s/he likes, loves, or hates? pays attention to? tries to control, giggles with or sneers at me?

Imagination: Yes.

Me: What if I don’t want to love ?

Imagination:  Well Friends, Brother, Sisters, Others . . .Me:
You reap what you sow. Anything you do to your neighbor, you’ve done to your saviour for I am he, and he is me, and we are you and we are altogether . . .
NUTZ, or am I?

Even if s/he serves another G*D?
Yes, all yes, ALL YES!

Me: Well, what if I can’t do this all on my own?

Imagination: It’s okay, I will be here to help you, just talk to me.
I don’t decide right and wrong, and I don’t judge. You come to me anytime and tell me everything right up front. Don’t hold anything back. It’s safe, it’s all over with, the circle is complete, everything is naked, on the table and forgiven. No shame, No Blame, No Games.
Better yet, I’ll wait right here and even knock on your door now and again.

Together, you and I will chat, we’ll sit, we’ll dine, we’ll discuss, I’ll advise you and again you will choose:  Love and acceptance, honor, and release or Hate, Fear, Pride, your neighbor. Show kindness or hate. Be bitter or be sweet. you choose.

Me: Okay,  I can do that 🙂 but what if , what if . . . I mean, who decides what is right and what is wrong?

Imagination: Me, I do.

Me: Where did you get that kind of authority?

Imagination: Why. . .  I got it from you dear. You gave it to me.

My mom always said, hey!  You can think what you want but watch what comes out of that mouth Young Lady!  I was grateful she thought of me as a young lady. I am even more grateful for her wisdom and love.

You can think anything you want to it’s all already been finished. It is finished. The laws are set in place, they have been full filled and the instructions have been given.  Go divide, conquer and rule over the bad and the good that rages on the battlefield of your mind. Choose your battles and know that I am always with you I will never leave you or forsake you for we are all one, inside and outside we are looking at the image in the mirror. Or are we?

Are you the ruler of your imagination? or does your imagination rule you? Have you consulted your inner ruler and your imagination?  I think you three will make a pretty good set, so long as you are in agreement and remain in peace, and  we are atone.

BIG LOVE lil’ gini ❤
ps- I will likely update this “list” at a future date, in a different format.

Where can I get a good proof reader?


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