Online Dating ? WTF ?

I was thinking, which I do way, way, waa AAAA ay too much.

I was contemplating the “online dating scene” I considered it honestly, well as honest as I could get with myself without caving into the dark forces who try to crush my spirit down. Haaa, haaaaaaa!

I will triumph over evil, for I am Super Gini ! Just like Tawanda, righter of wrongs . . . .LOL

On that note:  I do have one pressing question for the men  out there in the cyber dating world:

Why are guys always sending you pictures of their… best friend, their wee jiggle daddy, waggin’ their tails, Wee Willy Wi-KinKy is staring you right in the face!
jim-carrey-want-oneGuys, guys, guys, you don’t need to show off or give away all your secrets in the first three chats.  Just Sayin’.

What’s up with that?? ??

I’m mean your chatting, minding your own business, projecting on the guy like crazy, getting to know one another and dreaming about the possibilities of finding your very own personal knight in shining armor who comes to whisk you away to paradise from the precipice of death! Just getting into your fantasy world  and warming up to the guy when BAM ! BAM!  BA-BAM! BAM!

Some Tom, Dick, or Harry’s hairy parts (manscaped or wild n free) are shot like bullets from a gun right into your eye sockets !  That’s some serious PTSD moment right there. Okay so maybe I over reacted, she’s not down, perhaps down is too strong,  she’s but not down and out.  More than likely she is squirming around on the canvas in the spot she where fell. No harm, no foul. She get’s back up, and she’s back, trying once again to find the borderline so he doesn’t cross it again.

What else is it like?  It’s kind of like, hmmm,  Like getting hit with jolt of electricity.  Your eyes were wide open but for in split second you have to close them tight!
I mean boys, ah this movie we were watching in our heads just got really
f-r-a-c-k-i-n-g scary so you cover your eyes, like little girls do when they are waiting to be scared. You cover em’ quick and then you just give it a little peeky, peek, through that one teeny crack in your fingers.

This generally makes your member look larger by the way,
14976-dark_humor-phallic_symbol-736x459and that can be even more of a shock.

Boys, be gentlemen, a word of advice if you are willing. Be noble, be brave, be gallant be self-controlled and wait, just a little while. Demonstrate your strength by exercising self-control and delaying some gratification or need for outward validation.  Charm her with your wit and intellect a bit, just by being your own true authentic self. I promise you it will be worth the nerves and the wait. Unless that whole have to show the goods thing is something you can’t get a handle on. Save the wild man of Borneo mixed with  Don Juan for your private sanctuary , behind closed doors, or in the bedroom between consenting adults.

While you wait, use your imagination and watch the movies that play in your head, your mind’s eye,  instead of eyeing those movies on the internet. Unless there are some that play in your mind automatically, then mold them into anything you like and add your date on top.

Dream up whomever you choose, imagine what she smells like and feels like, really paint a clear picture of her,  imagine what she tastes like, and taste what you like.
Is she salty or sweet or both? Full bodied and robust or is she bland, does she need a little spice girl ? What does she taste like?
Another option to fill your mind  leave her at the voice level. Don’t rush out to meet right away or exchange private pictures. Just talk with her and listen to her with sincerity, honesty and good intent.

Next,  whenever she pops into your mind stop listen for her voice and hear her speaking to you.  Hear her say what you would like to hear her say and let that carry you away somewhere. When she’s not there beside you in the flesh, let yourself fall back, fall back in love again. In love with her voice, make sure the  sound of her voice soothes your soul.

Be interested and she will find you interesting. First find the balance,  roll with it till it is time to balance again, and enjoy the ride.  This is likely to actually have the residual side effect of stifling the  yap’ yap’ yappin’ chaw, chaw, chaw,  Charlie Brown’s teacher talking, that likely goes on  if the girl is excited or under 26 years of age. Keep the physical a surprise until you are face to face and can touch, see and feel each other’s breath. When you get to that point you will have practiced so much in your head that you won’t even have to think, you can just let it wash you clean!!

Yet another suggestion  . . .cropped-12038115_10154402463619062_6444620354863052002_n.jpg
First take her and sweep the woman, right off her feet. Sweep the leg right out from under her and watch her squirm . pin her shoulders back and don’t forget to guard the jewels . . . just kidding

Lift her spirit by giving her  your full attention, purposefully listen and hear every detail she shares with you. Be reserved and gentlemanly, savor the flavor and roll the truth around your head a while. Do some imagining and tell her what your day dreams look like or sound like, be brave and tell the truth, be naked with your personality, not your body. Not some old dead picture.

Listen to the tone and timbre of her voice. Listen to the way she is breathing, Slow yourself down and notice what and where you are feeling sensations in your body, see the feeling till you find it and then let it wash over you.

She’ll draw you right in and you will not know for sure unless she tells you  when she’s ready for the BIG REVEAL! You’ll have to brave that one on your own.   I know it sounds like she is tempting you and teasing you but seriously fellas, these are some pretty precious jewels we are dealing with, Are we not?  I mean tell me are they like rubies? diamonds?  or that Murder’s Row Baseball signed by the whole row. Arnie Palmer signed golf balls that you want to put in a glass case and only take them out when you want to share the secret worth with only those you trust and are highly invested in. Realize that right now you have the potential to replenish the earth in seed, right between your legs.

Take time to do some day dreaming like when you were a kid and see if it lifts your spirits and makes you feel a little lighter/happier. Pick an age and relive a great memory, or even better yet play out a bad memory and change it to turn out for the good, the best. You can do anything with your imagination, it like walking through a dream, or making up your own imaginary playmate [Place playboy bunny logo here] .

I think it must be hard (pun intended,hee, hee ) ahem… I think it must be difficult to not feel rejection when a woman says please, please don’t show me the you, you are the proudest of just yet. I’m  not ready to take ole’ Mr. One eyed wonder right off the bat not even a picture of him. I’d rather feel it than see it or a diagram and description of it.
Don’t worry about so much it, chill out man. She wants it, believe you/me she wants it, and she wants you to give it to her, but she is not going to tell you that right away. You are going to have to finesse and woo her .  You play your cards right, stay patient, pay attention  and feel your way (tell her how it makes you feel), she’ll show up in a skirt with no underwear, hoping to get into it  some before you even make it back home.

You and your manhood are not being attacked. I promise you, she just needs to know you are invested, and to what degree. Are you going to build a portfolio together or is this just and expenditure?  She is not looking for a business contract or transaction.  No one is!

No wants to be played with, or do they?   I’ll have to think about that some more.

Men, This is what a woman  wants intimacy (See into me ) to be accepted, honored, and loved. Well, truly I can only speak for myself, after that you’re on your own loved ones. But I know that is what I want. Deep spiritual, intellectual, and then physical intimacy and security, to feel safe.  I promise if you love her like Christ loved the church and gave himself for his bride. You respect her boundaries, allow for her autonomy, and let her learn from her own mistakes. You will have a winner on your hands. Both on the street and in the bedroom. She will love you so much and you her, that you will turn a blind eye to anything that suggests an imperfection in the other.

As a woman, as a person, I  have a deep-seated need to feel accepted as a whole person just like the rest of us. We who are doing the best we can with what we’ve been given and trying to make good, loving choices. Right?

Don’t get me wrong, I love being in my birthday suit but hey, I’m electing to exercise more self-control in my thinking and in my actions, oh and a  little more discretion too.
I need to see a little less Creatin and a little more of that protector/ fighting spirit in a man, I suppose. You know Good ole’ fashioned backbones, stand your ground, yes I’ll back you up, got your back like a MAN attitude.

If you belong together there will be no doubt it will be a knowing that you will recognize and consent to naturally. We always choose those whom we desire and wish to experience, and they always show up.

Well . . . will you send me a picture then, he says?
To send you pictures, private pictures. I considered it,  but I decided my answer is no.
I am a grown woman and I can even reason for myself why.

Here is why: A picture is just a fleeting moment in time, a moment in which we are aware that people are watching so we put on masks and click away.
It’s all just dead memories so I’d like to bury those and start fresh with you. I’m sorry _(__insert online name, CB Handle, and Ham radio number here__), you either get to see me in the flesh or not at all, that’s gonna take some tenacity on your part buddy. I’m a good catch who needs to know that at least one person is listening.
Who’s that one person? My husband, my lover, my soul match/mate, my dark sides, my brighter sides – my other side, who loves me on all sides no matter how big or how small I may be at the moment.

Now,  I don’t know how long that’s going to be, but I hope is it soon.  I’m willing to wait as long as need be until I see you face to face and know you, my dream lover. 

I’m slowly learning that life is a continuing journey of  revelation of the one true and living G*d, Who G*d is within and without, all in all,  whose creation never ends it is always expanding, from  everlasting to everlasting until it’s time for the story to end, only to begin again on another dimension or plane. – I have all the time in the world, and I’ve been there and done that.  

I think the rules of the game state to never talk about politics, or religion, but my explanation is neither. I am taking this time in my life to soul search, spirit search, walk in greater trust of the spirit in me that animates my world.

Therefore, I don’t know my next 3 moves, I’m just trying to stay in a contemplative state observing, and reinvigorating my imagination before the climax of meeting face to face. This is truth, and truth is more important to me than anything. Above all I love the truth.

Mmmm, hope I didn’t just turn you off, however, once again that’s not something I am authorized to control, that is your responsibility, and we are all held accountable. I’m just speaking from experience. 

BIG LOVE, lil gini.


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