Perception vs Reality
Perception vs. Reality


There is a song reference for every thang!
Every, every, every  thaaa, aa aang!!!

Every thang, Everythang gonna be alright this mornin’! 

Nothing under the sun that a song or word or work or art, or a great joke,   hasn’t been captured, it’s all in perpetual motion. Just in pop music alone, I think anyway. But, I’m just a chick, what do I know ??


You gotta figure this way folks.  You and I are looking at life through the “funhouse mirror”2,. Especially after you get out of the dark and into the light where you can see clearly now the rain is gone.



The closer to God I get, the more I realize the Jesus is a stand-up comedian!
He’s Jewish . . . He’s perfect in Daddy’s eyes he can do no wrong, and in Mom’s eye’s
he is God in a package they call my son. . He had what the spotlight for two and a half , three years or so then BAM, Public decides they don’t care for him, they move on, the public ends up crucifying him for something he didn’t do.

Who works harder than a stand-up Guy?

The man lays it all down, naked for everyone to see,

Dies in his prime, or on stage, only to come back three days later, and reach the highest high there is,


I mean think about it.

Comedian? Jesus?

He only speaks the truth, but he does it with observation and judgment so that only the blind can see and the deaf can hear.

He spread joy and laughter, he used humor every chance he got.

Trouble is, most of em got it all wrong and thought it was what was on the outside when really it’s on the inside.

It’s as if they say screw you death, I’m HERE FOR THE PARTY, I’m over the rainbow now!!……I keep expecting Robin Williams to do that same thing ?? Jump on stage and say Hi Kids, I’m talking to you from over the rainbow now!!

He laid down His life to get our attention, he was nakked on a cross, just ashamed nekkid let it all hang out, nothing left to hide, gave it everything he ever had, wait or did they crucify him?

If it truly is that I am he, and You are he, and we are all together. What’s the difference? You’ll never keep him down, this is His wedding night! Coo Coo kah Choo!

Anyway,. . . the point is, in the end. He slays em’ all and he gets away with it, Cause Daddy bails him out of it, Man!! Daddy/ Abba ! Thank Man!

I think that I truly would like to write a book of my childhood memories, in my childhood town, maybe even my whole life, and just change the names of the characters and weave it in a mystery.   YEAH!  Let us Do That!I am a writer, writing the truth in a mystery.

Good Night Everyone  Rest well and don’t worry about it. You are atoned. Be at peace ❤


PS- My deepest gratitude for becoming your blessings. Ralph, and Dennis, and Steven, and Philip, Jimmy, and Ben, and Paul too, every man I have ever known  . . .  MEOW!!


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