Healing for the Subconscious Mind


“Only you can leave these conditions behind. The only way to do so is to, for a short while, be vigilant of your thought patterns so that you eradicate the idea of learning in separation and replace it with the idea of sharing in unity. Learning is a condition of the separated self, which is why it is no longer needed. You will not fully realize unity while you continue to hang on to this condition of the separation.” (ACOL, T4:12.10)

This quotation for today holds a strong warning to us. If we persist in the notion that learning is desirable, and adapt ourselves to methods that best served us in the days of separation, we won’t realize the great blessing of unity with God, the great blessing of Christ-consciousness. While nobody can give us a roadmap that will culminate in Christ-consciousness, we can know what we do that will…

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Hi it's Me, I am 50 ish and I'm just beginning my journey with journaling. This blog will essentially a starting point to journal my journey here on this side of eternity. When I figure out how to configure this thingy called a blog, which really, I have a very vague definition of circling in my brain. My journaling for my autobiography from this new beginning forward will have begun :) Till then, please stick around. Any and all feedback along with helpful tips, tricks and advice are welcome. Hey! It's a start!!! Yeah? Never, never, never give up!