Today’s Glimpse

Instructions for reading this glimpse:
Before you begin,  look up. Just try it,  tilt your chin to your chest and look up. It’s a good stretching exercise. Then follow your eyes up and up and up for a good stretch in the front.

Next: Take a breath, hold it, hold it, okay think to yourself
something that will make you feel relieved or something you might say to yourself that implies a big sigh of relief e.g.”OH  THANK GOD THAT”S ALL BEHIND ME!” or “Thank you honey, for being so, so sweet, Sigh!! Isn’t it wonderful?
There you go, A big fat sigh of relief, let out all the air. Please, repeat that three times.

Meditation Option – Listen to your inner conversation as you read this piece. Recognize each thought regarding this piece and just let it flow in, and back out  Accept it, give it a nod and let it keep on moving. Or, if you wish you may examine your thoughts, however,  take good care not to judge them or condemn yourself for having said thought.  There is no condemnation to those who walk in the Spirit, that is to say, Christ in you.

Here’s the beef, so to speak:

Call it a realization, epiphany, and ah hah moment, label it however you choose.

Just today I was soaking in a hot bath and musing over the most glorious music space I have recently discovered -WNPM –oh, oh you have to experience something akin to this in your life here and now! It has everything I’ve been praying for since oh, well, it seems like forever.

How amazing it that?? I do serve the most gracious master of the universe. 

I was soaking, relaxing and contemplating in the bathtub when my eyes were opened to the fact (and you will never change my mind on this insight), that music IS  universal.

Okay, yeah so we’ve all heard that before right?  It is true music is universal, and yet we don’t all hear it the same way. That being said, the universe (my universe), has not one, not two, no, no not three17unvzwcdevqqjpg dimensions but four, yes four, oh, ha, ha, haaa, and right now we’re not counting any farther than FOUR dimensions.

Personally, I say: We are all just notes in the same song, for there is only one song, one universe. Or is there?

Question: Are we all playing our notes “in time” or is the time just an illusion? a restriction perhaps?

Answer: I don’t know.

So much music, all kinds of great music. There are so many genres and the categories within genres are nearly endless, but there is one particular genre, and type of music that stands out among the rest that music is, you know what I’m talking about, yes, improvisational JAZZ!

You see, in all the other music played in the wide world, far as I can tell, you can play wrong notes. With the exception of jazz, most especially improvisational jazz done in the right space at the right time. It just keeps expanding beyond the third dimension.
Seriously, You can play a country song, folk song, pop song whatever and there is solid three-dimensional sound, color and rules that keep everything neat and tidy and 2 times out of 3 if you hit a “wrong” note people notice.  But this jazz stuff, in this place at this time, that is at our  WNPM; the one and only most glorious music space in my universe, it’s all grace notes, Therefore; if it is all (by) grace notes, you can not hit a bad note YOU CAN’T HIT A WRONG/BAD NOTE !  This Grace is Amazing !


An example of my inner conversation:

Q:Can you feel it?
A: YES especially

when it is brought to life personally, revelatory even Mm, mmm, mmhm.

Q:And can you see it?
A:Definitely, check out any great jazz musician ever hailed by other great musicians.

Q:Can you touch it?
A:Oooo now that! is a good question!

Sure, you can touch it. I touch it all the time (you’re welcome!)!!

Seriously, I don’t think you can touch music with your hands. It comes from the inside out so you can play it through your hands. So  I say both no and yes, it’s complicated.

Can you hear it? And are you listening??
OH YES!! Oh yes, Sir. Lord have mercy, more and more every day, one note, one beat at a time
Although, my time signature is a little bit . . . slow.

Looking up, I want to Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

Fascinating rhythm – HAF –
Accept, Honor & Release,

Listening to: Solitude – Duke Ellington


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