Major Minor

Major Minor
In the music of life, there is major and minor. They are different yet equal. That is, one or the other is usually dominant. The major is in no way above the minor, though it may seem so at times. The minor is not below the major, although it may seem that way sometimes. The major and minor are mixed and mingled in dissonance and harmony.  You can not have one without the other and be rich with life’s journey. This is why I am studying, learning, and sharing Jazz music.
If you’ve read my blog you know that I have recently begun a love affair with music. I am taking a whole new approach to learning it. I want it all, I want that which is called music. Most especially Jazz.

Having said that, I always try to remember that the LORD (choose your own ism – I give up on isms) is my shepherd and I shall NOT WANT. Therefore, I am aware and I am a musician. If it takes me eternity I will,  with the talent I have been given, with the work that it takes, and don’t be mistaken it takes tenacity and hard work to be effortless in whatever you do; I will lovingly share the music that is in my head & heart The music in my heart is love. I will make music my habit until it feels, no, until it is natural in all aspects of my life.

Pretty big resolve huh?
Agreed …Phooey! I wasn’t going to make any resolutions this year.  MMMmmmm Paradox. 0e00272f9b21541b8ba4869b94f6cb9a Eh, don’t worry about it.

In a lesson, a maestro once had his group of students sit quietly and listen to a piano.
He then assigned one student to play all the white keys eventually they were played in a glissando (a glide from one pitch to another) from bottom to top, and top to bottom in succession and let them ring out. After this, he assigned another to play all the black keys in the same way.  Next, he posed the question: What do you hear, what is the differences in the sound?


The white keys were nice, yet bland to my tastes. I’m not sure that vanilla is even a good description. Vanilla in the right amount is a luscious flavor. Especially good vanilla ice-cream in hot coffee.  The flavors of the white keys are like a good boiled dinner without much spice. I love it but I don’t want a steady diet of it.  It makes me ask, Please pass the salt and pepper? Do we have any Tapatio? or Siracha?

The black keys were spicy, some flavors were a little bitter, a little sour, and some have heat.

Mix these together in your own recipe and stir it up and cook it slowly. Cook it until all the juices, and spices meld and fats melt until is one glorious meal from start to finish and then thorouchocolate_raspberry_mousse_cake_22671ghly enjoy it.

. . . and for dessert, I’ll take chocolate; not just any chocolate rich dark, smooth luscious chocolate, vanilla and raspberry swirls with just a touch of salt & hot pepper.

Mmmmm life can taste better and better. Let’s eat it!

lil’ gini

PS – You are alive but are you experienced?


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