Go Figure ?

What is my blog about ?

Essentially it is a conversation with . . .myself.

that goes like this:

Thought of Judgment:
A conversation with yourself? for the public to read?
OH!  that is/sounds so self-centered, yuck!
You’re an idiot. who’s going to listen to you?

I am No Idiot, I graduated to moron months ago.  Don’t judge yourself  Gini, don’t be so hard on yourself.  Truthfully, it does not matter who listens and who does not because you can only control yourself. Trust God and Let it Be !

– Guard Your Thoughts –

I’m just one chick who believes in Love, in Christ, the Kingdom of God that is within –    Who is trying to keep her mind open w/o her brains falling out. Not sure what to label it.I am exploring religions, faiths, and life. Starting over at just past middle age.

I Don’t care much for labels or categories. I like living in the question, I’m okay with that for now (omg I’m a philosopher).  I’m Philosophizing?

I know where and in whom I trust, or do I ! ?

This blog will essentially be my journal I suppose, starting point to journal my journey here on this side of eternity. Just me and my  imagination. Which, by the way, I am intending to grow. I lost it once, and I am claiming it back and putting it to good use.